Sofia Vergara Hairstyles 2012

“Extremely sexy” is one of the many words that can be used to describe how the talented actress Sofia Vergara has looked like since the start of 2012 till the recent days. And today, we won’t focus on her dresses, outfits, shoes or bags, but only on her long hair and how she’s worn it this year. So let’s start our discovery trip, ladies! Before anything else, there’s an important thing that you have to know which is that the hairdos worn by Vergara this year are neither too many nor more different than those ones she’s worn before. The most heavily worn hairstyles that the actress has opted for this year are the down dos. All of us are aware how much precious and beloved the down dos are for Sofia, right? Anyways, the Colombian actress has worn the different styles of the down dos starting from the sleek straight and luscious curly to the soft wavy ones, all of them have had very sexy and gorgeous looks. Besides wearing the fully flowing down dos, she’s been seen once or maybe more than that wearing the sideswept flowing hairstyles which have given her a sultry look.

Can you guess which hairdos else has the star opted for during 2012? Think, think, I’m sure you’ll know them. Okay, let me give you a tiny hint. The next hairstyles that Sofia has sported this year have been very, very popular among the whole female celebrity world. Huh, have you known them? I can hear some of you saying; ‘Ponytails!’. Actually, you’re right, the talented comedian has been seen wearing ponytails specifically the low and mid height styles which have had so elegant and eye catching looks. Also, she’s opted for sporting layered haircuts this year which is a very smart move from her side. As you know how much gorgeous and sexy the woman’s long hair locks can look like when they’re layered. Besides, the layered hairstyles are so, so trendy this year. Besides these few last mentioned hairstyles, the ‘Modern Family’ series starlet has been seen once wearing a loose curly updo which had a very stylish and glamorous look.

By mentioning that updo hairstyle, I can tell you that we’re done! Yeah, ladies, that soon. There’s only one thing left for me to say which is that the center partings have been like the best friends to most of her hairstyles. Let me tell you that she’s been also smart regarding that matter, as parting her hair from the center has helped in obtaining a fabulous face framing. Now, I can definitely tell you goodbyes and leave you with yourselves to take a look at these few hairdos of Vergara. Maybe, you’d get inspired by them. In all the cases, we wish you a great, stunning, glamorous and sexy look; our dear ladies. So enjoy!

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