Solange Knowles Hairstyles

She’s definitely not less sexy, pretty, glamorous, or even talented than her older sister Beyoncé! Yup ladies! Today’s star is the famous singer and DJ Solange Knowles. We’re going to do nothing but present some, if not all, of the hairstyles worn by this stunning star since her beginnings till the recent days. And like usual, we’re going to begin our topic with mentioning a few things concerning the star’s hair. The first thing is that it has passed over different lengths starting from the long and medium to the short and very short ones. The second one is that it has been dark most of the times. But let’s not forget to mention that she’s also opted for wearing a blonde hair during a period of time.

Now, let’s start opening the famous singer’s lookbook! Wearing curly hair is what Solange has done more than once since her beginnings. You need to know that her curly ‘dos come in different lengths, styles and sizes, as well. Concerning the first ones, the younger Knowles has opted for curls, whatever her hair length was; short, medium or long! On the other hand, concerning the second ones, the star has opted for sporting all styles of curly locks starting from the loose and permed to the natural afro ones. What about the sizes? You can say that they have swung between the regular, voluminous, and super-voluminous sizes! Let me tell you that all of her curly hairstyles have had extremely stylish and sexy looks especially the afro ones. Truly, she can be considered one of these African American stars who know how to charm us with their natural kinky hair! Also, the actress hasn’t forgotten to charm us with her sultry, alluring straight and soft, wavy hairdos.

Besides these diverse styles of flowing locks, the “Losing You” singer has been seen wearing both of the cornrow and box braids not quite few times during her career life. What about the ponytails, buns or updos in general? Hasn’t she sported them at all?! Okay, concerning both of the bun and ponytail ‘dos, Solange has been seen wearing them only when her hair has been braided! You can say that she’s done like any black bombshell and tied her cornrow/ box braided locks into ponys or buns. On the other hand, concerning the latter ones, you need to know that she’s been seen once or maybe twice wearing super sleek and polished styles of updos.

In addition to all of these last mentioned, the star has also opted for sporting the half up-half down dos through her career life. The last hairstyles that you can see in today’s lookbook are the buzz cuts. Let me tell you that she’s looked heartbreakingly sultry, attractive, stunning, eye catching, fabulous… can anyone stop me?! Anyways, you need to know that our beloved celeb has accented some of her hairstyles with accessories such as; headbands and turbans. That’s it, our gorgeous ladies! Now, you are absolutely free to go anywhere you want. Just remember to put your facial details and hair texture into your considerations, if you’re about to copycat any of the last mentioned hairdos. Do that and catch all the eyes with your amazing and glamorous look…

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