Spa with Infinity Edge: Noosa Sound Project by 4Blue Pools

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Many designers of yard, home, and landscape elements like to talk about the “wow” factor a project should have: something people look at and say, “Wow!” If you’re like us, you took one look at the spa “infinity” edge in this Noosa Sound, Australia, project by 4Blue Pools and did just that. It’s an incredible effect, giving the appearance of a circle of water that’s literally standing on its own above the pool — something these lucky owners may not have even imagined was possible when they first planned to renovate their pool and add a spa. With its shining interior of Bisazza glass mosaic tile, the spa is an elegant addition to an already family- and entertaining-friendly environment enhanced by color, light, and great use of space.

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Mature trees, their feathery foliage waving high above, provide shade and a smidgen of privacy, while most of the yard is protected by a high wall that’s partly a gorgeous azure blue, partly wood grain storage. Notice the nifty lights interspersed in the garden edging; like modernistic candles, they reflect bright “spots” off the adjoining wall, continuing through the side yard and ringing the patio. For added illumination, under-roof lighting from the house, as well as up-lighting of the trees and fence, round out the ambience and make this area even more fun after dark. The “wow” may start with a virtually invisible spa wall; it’s actually only one part of a renovation that expands and enhances this family’s outdoor space in grand style.

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