Spring Wallpaper for Walls from Sanderson

The new wallpaper collection for walls from Sanderson for spring & summer 2012 came under the name “Colors for living” which actually represents this collection that’s characterized by a diversify of springy colors giving life to beautiful wallpaper motifs that are designed especially to enter the joy & cheeriness of the spring season into your interior decoration. The model with small urban houses drawn in pink covering the wallpaper is a highly urban inspiration to which is injected a little feminine touch; very impressive. The wallpaper design in which tree patterns are multiplied on the wall, where the designer played with three different shades of green is a great way to bring a touch of greenery in your interior. In another design; we see pretty flower buds scattered along the wall, but the poetic touch of this wallpaper does not stop there; The little extra charm is in the sweet effect “of watercolor” on the motifs. Flowers at Sanderson are not represented in his wallpaper motifs, but only in a traditional and classic look, you will find also many other designs with graphic flower patterns in some delightful colors for a more contemporary ambiance. In addition to these springy wallpaper designs, Sanderson presents also a collection of wallpaper designs in neutral colors and plain motifs like stripes to meet all tastes.

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