Step into a Magical Place: Alvarez by B. Pila Designs, Miami, Florida

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Welcome to a world of classic design with Spanish influence in the Alvarez home, presented by B. Pila Design of Miami. As you walk the gleaming marble floors of this gallery, enjoy the subtle geometric floor design, the stately pillars, and the use of greenery that melds outdoors and indoors in elegant harmony.

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You will feel the warmth of this home as the gleaming wood doors open upon the foyer. Carefully combined neutrals in floor, walls, and baseboards complement the rich blue tones of rug and carved detail of the mirrored highboy.

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A gentle repetition of blues — Wedgwood, royal, even sky tones — lends a soothing, cordial air to the study, with its hardwood flooring and floral rug. Deep leather armchairs invite conversation, perhaps over glasses of wine, as filtered natural light bathes the room.

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The view from the leather armchairs shows the rest of the study’s ‘club’ atmosphere: wet bar, cushioned stools with deep blue upholstery, and dark wood paneling, echoed in the decorative molding along the ceiling. Here, too, natural light filters through sheer curtains; after dark, fluted wall sconces light the way.

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In the living room, blue plays a steady, but background role to plush white-on-white furnishings: the sumptuous couch, armchairs, and ottoman, along with a cream-toned chaise longue, offer comfortable views of the sea through gleaming multipane windows. As in the study, other colors join the palette in the art — vases and ceramic bowls — gracing low tables.

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In the friendly, eat-in kitchen, the color palette shifts to neutrals: golden wood cabinets, tile accents, light granite countertops, and above it all, hanging lamps that seem to float in the air. Recessed lighting illuminates the stainless steel double stove and oven, which allow any ‘chef’ to prepare a feast for a crowd.

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Wrought-iron accents on the open-weave backed chairs are echoed in the chandelier above the polished kitchen table, with the chair cushions bringing a splash of brighter color into the restful neutral surroundings. Recessed lighting assures good visibility for all work spaces — so guests can work next to the host with ease.

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A more formal tone is evoked in the dining room, with its large oval table and sideboard, dove-gray curtains, and rose-toned upholstery. Once again, tall glass work lends grace to the setting, and French doors bring the outdoors in with style.

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A casual, less-clubby bar features a beamed ceiling, colorful throw pillows, striped upholstery, and leaf-patterned floor that convey an ‘island’ feel — as does the expanse of sea visible through its tall French doors.

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Everywhere in the bar, you’ll find a casual, playful mood: tasseled light fixtures and furnishings with accents of purple, fuchsia, blue, and gold encourage sitting cross-legged on the floor into the evening hours. Light filters through sheer curtains, gleams off fireplace brick, and shimmers from hanging candles.

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And what would a bar be without a wine cellar to equip it? Inside a climate-controlled glass-doored enclave, wine keeps its full body and flavor, ready to be served at precisely the right temperature.

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A short hallway connects the wine cellar with the bar area and echoes its casual feel in pale, wide-beamed floorboards and a white and gray diamond-patterned rug. Note the splash of blue on the cushion!

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Even connecting hallways have their own architectural and textural details: touches of wrought iron, dark wood, and neutral colors serve as low-key decorative style ‘bridges’ between the rooms.

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The home’s exterior beckons as well: guests can dine al fresco at outdoor tables, shaded by an arched gallery…or perhaps daydream in a carved deacon’s bench on the wrought-iron railed balcony area, relaxing among lush plantings, waving palms, and the azure of sea and sky.

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Finally, the master suite is a splendid combination of cozy comfort and panoramic views of the ocean through its arch-like windows. Here, pastels play a lead role, soothing the mind and relaxing the body — from the artwork and vases to plump window-seat pillows. Beams on the ceiling give the suite a ‘hideaway’ feel.

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The luxury of the master suite continues into its lavish bath, featuring marble-topped dressers, a glass-doored shower, and spacious mirrored dressing table area with abundant storage space for linens, towels, and other bathtime accessories.

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Completing the master bath’s total pampering experience is the soaking tub, which continues the color scheme of pale blue, white, and gray and features sleek chrome accents. In contrast, the uncurtained windows continue the house’s overall theme of wood and natural light, and offer views of the house’s exterior that make the outdoor foliage feel close enough to touch.
A warm, welcoming house that wraps you in special touches start to finish: that’s Alvarez.