Stephen Glendinning Hairstyles

Stephen Glendinning is one of the most famous hairstylists in the globe. Stephen Glendinning has always been known by his great talent, creativity and versatility. Stephen has won many world wide prizes, awards and fellowships. Beside that, Stephen owns and manages his own salon and not just that Stephen is responsible for training many new comers in the world of hairdressing. In fact, Stephen has done that not only in his own salon, but he’s traveled around the world across Europe, Asia and Australia to do so. You can say that Stephen Glendinning is one of the hair experts who tends to create new stars in the hairdressing’s world and also publish himself. Let’s not to forget to mention that Stephen Glendinning has worked as an International Creative Director for the famous hair salons: Tony & Guy, Aveda and recently Essensuals. Also, recently Stephen has worked with the famous photographer Harry Rankin on all of his photo sessions and that’s beside working on the fashion shoots for Garzia magazine. Beside that Stephen has been one of the most famous celebrity hairstylists. Stephen Glendinning has dealt up with many famous stars, each one of them has his / her different style and Stephen has succeeded to manage that very well. Stephen Glendinning has proven since his appearance till now that he has important philosophy which is to create simple, strong and sexy hairstyles. So, let’s take a look on those simple and sexy men & women hairstyles made by Stephen Glendinning. Just prepare!!!. But before starting, you’ve to know that Stephen has created sexy hairstyles for all the haircuts; the long, the short and the medium haircuts. That’s of course for women and men. Since there’s nothing else to know, let’s start showing the men & women Stephen Glendinning hairstyles. By the way, I’ll start with the sweet and glamorous women, so men please step aside for few minutes!. Stephen has tried as much as he could to focus on the bold, feminine and sexy sides of the women and that have been reflected on all of his hairstyles.. Most of Stephen hairstyles for women have been; the layered hairstyles, the choppy hairstyles, the shaggy hairstyles, the messy hairstyles and the edgy hairstyles. That’s beside creating very sexy styles of the straight hairstyles, the curly hairstyles, the wedge cut hairstyles and the bob hairstyles.. There are much more women hairstyles made by Stephen Glendinning than the ones I’ve mentioned, but I’ve to skip to the men’s side just to be fair!!.. Like he has concentrated on the sexy & feminine sides of the woman, Stephen has also concentrated on the wild, bold and sexy sides of the men in all of their hairstyles. Also, the same as women, most of the men’s hairstyles made by Stephen have been; the layered hairstyles, the choppy hairstyles, the shaggy hairstyles, the messy hairstyles and also the edgy hairstyles!. Put beside those ones; the spiky hairstyles, the scalp landing hairstyles and the buzz cut hairstyles. In all of those men hairstyles, Stephen has played with the different styles of the bangs which have spiced up all of his manly hairstyles. In fact, Stephen has also done that with the women’s hairstyles.. So, by now you can imagine how much Stephen has been so creative, artistic and fair in all of his hairstyles for both men and women. You can see that by yourself in the picuters below.. At the end, there’s nothing to say except “Enjoy watching those creative and stylish hairstyles!!”…

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