Striped Tablecloth for Stylish Dining Tables

To revive your dining table decoration, it is quite enough to get a new tablecloth to bring a new look to the whole table. Striped tablecloths are very trendy; they add a very stylish look and give lunches and dinners a new atmosphere. First, you must know that stripes may allow you to change the proportions of your table. Stripes allow an optical illusion that will expand your table in length if you choose horizontal stripes and larger in width with vertical stripes. Then, know that stripes will really refresh your table decoration, and according to the color you choose, you can create very different atmospheres. For example, with black and white stripes, you will get a very contemporary look while multicolored stripes twill be better for a more springy & cheerful ambiance. However, if you want the stripes to be more subtle for a classic decoration, you can choose colors in the same tones of white and beige. To complete your table decoration, choose simple dishes and crockery. Actually, stripes are already present, so it is better to choose plain dishes in same shades of the tablecloth in case of bicolor one (black &white for example) or simply go for white dishes if the stripes are multicolored.

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