A Style Mix that Works: Contemporary and Traditional in a New York Apartment

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This cheerfully modern apartment is vintage Eve Robinson Associates: as she says, “By using traditional elements and infusing them with a modernist aesthetic, we create comfortable and sophisticated interiors that reflect the personal desires of each of our clients.” In this particular case, you can readily see both the modernist approach and the traditional features — starting in the living room. Very few things are more traditional than a couple of wing chairs flanking a fireplace…but look again. Those aren’t typical wing chairs; they’re modern, sleek seating of dark wood with plump sandy-colored cushions. And the painting above the fireplace certainly isn’t your garden-variety still life or landscape scene; it’s a modern abstract that infuses red into the room without being obtrusive.

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Similar juxtaposition of styles goes on throughout the home. With wood flooring as a unifying feature, a glass-topped coffee table fits perfectly with a high-backed chair or short round stools. A polished cherry wood dining table and padded seating plays off against a mirrored desk; a subtle green tiled backsplash in the kitchen softens an all-white-and-stainless-steel space. The green is more intense in a shining bathroom — gleaming moss-colored tiling surrounds a shower and continues around an über-traditional wood-and-marble double-sink vanity. Reds and oranges continue in accents through the bedroom — and add a note of cheer to a kids’ bunk space. As the designer concludes, “We believe in mixing styles, textures, and finishes to create a clean-lined and interesting space.” The mix here on east 67th Street is clear, bold, and welcoming all at once — a successful meld for a client who gets “a little of everything.”

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