Styles for Every Yard: Pools by Aqua Blue Pools, South Carolina

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Gone are the days when an in-ground swimming pool came in only one or two shapes or sizes, and you had a choice of an edge of white concrete…or white concrete. Now, your choices are almost infinitely varied, as you’ll see in these examples from South Carolina’s Aqua Blue Pools. Have a freeform pool and spa that incorporates a heater, deep benches, and a wavy shape that’s adaptable to lawns that aren’t square or even on all sides. Interior finishes range from almost-purple to azure to turquoise, midnight, or sky blues; decks can be travertine or stamped concrete — with enough variations in pattern that your deck can look like tile, mosaic, or flagstone. Want a waterfall? Have one flow from a spa or down a wall — or over several boulders that double as privacy fencing.

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Fit your pool to your backyard with minimal disruption; make it long and sleek, shaded with mature trees and enhanced by triple cascades. Raise your spa above swim level for a handy way to socialize between the two, or integrate it seamlessly at one end. Need a fence for safety? You may — but even obligatory fencing is attractive when it matches a warm wood deck. Install a deep, round “pond” for a quick dip — or make your pool only one part of an outdoor space with everything from an outdoor kitchen and pizza oven to fireplaces, bars, and multiple terrace levels. So go ahead and dream — if you can imagine it, a quality pool builder can make it a reality for you.

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