Stylish Eve Beauty Guide: Gorgeous 3-D Nail Art Collection

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If you have previously written off 3-D nail art as something that is not for you, read this article. While 3-D nail art may have earned a reputation for being bulky, cluttered and ugly, with balance it can be a gorgeous work of art. Often misconceptions of 3-D nail art arise because of improper use and design. 3-D nail art is best for short-term wear and is perfect for special occasions such as your wedding, prom or birthday. Your wedding day is the time to look stunning from head to toe, so 3-D nail art can make you the bride that people will not forget. The art also makes for wonderful wedding photos when showing off your rings or feeding each other cake. The most beautiful designs the art has to offer are flower and rhinestone styles. The 3-D pink roses make a dazzling appearance, as excellent proof that more is not always better.

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This minimalist style features beautifully detailed green leaves and rosebuds. Give your guests another reason to gasp as they come around to give you and your new husband a congratulatory hug or handshake. The collection offers several delicate flower styles, which you can suggest to your nail technician for your big day. For other special occasions, the collection offers a wonderful sunflower design that is stunning. This style features a clear coat with green metallic tips, overlaid by perfectly designed sunflowers – this look is so memorable and my favorite from the collection. If you are looking for something a little less dramatic for your natural nails, the clear coat glitter style, with the navy blue tips and slightly raised rosebud design, is perfect. The Stylish Eve Beauty Guide has 3-D nail styles for everyone; make sure you bring your smart phone with you when you get your nails done to point out the style you want from our guide.

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  1. these nails are so cute just the 3-D French tip and white bow can start a fashion trend that how cute I think they are I am going to consider trying these nails out!!!!