Stylish Eve DIY Halloween Party Surprise: Skull and Crossbones Ice Cubes

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You have all the neat decorations. You have the perfect costume. You have the perfect Halloween party set up, now you just need a spooky, but cool surprise. Imagine the look on everyone’s face as they notice that skulls and crossbones are floating in their drinks, or in the punch bowl. Fred and Friends Bone Chiller Ice Cube Trays can be found for sale on sites such as Amazon. Stylish Eve has a few ideas that you can use to make these ice cubes a hit at your Halloween party. Why would you simply freeze water when you can freeze something that is much more exciting? Depending on whether your party is for children or adults, you can freeze something that will complement your wet bar or the kids table.

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Mix club soda and orange juice into skull and crossbones cubes to give the fruit punch an extra kick for the kids. Not only will it make your ice cubes functional, it will also make for interesting looking drinks. For a child’s party you can make your own spooky freeze pops that the kids will love. Simply use small Ziplock snack packs to store the treats after they have been frozen. Lastly, you can use the same idea for Trick or Treating. Imagine the surprised look on the kids’ faces as you hand them skull and crossbones frozen treats. You may start an “I want to go home right now and put it in the freezer parade, proceeding from your doorstep”. There are so many ways to have great DIY fun with skull and crossbones ice cubes.

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