Stylish Eve Stylenista Interview: Theresa Deliberto, Founder of Cupcake Cuties

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Theresa Deliberto has literally created the cupcake “heard round the world”. We have featured awesome cupcake creations on our Facebook fan page, not knowing the source of those delightful creations was Theresa Deliberto. Of course, I could not pass up the opportunity of interviewing her after making her acquaintance on Twitter. Theresa has taken the idea of a simple cupcake to “Whoa – what a cupcake!” Join us as we learn more about the creative stylenista of the day.

1. What gave you the idea to create your cupcake business?

“I came up with the idea for Cupcake Cuties Kits when my children were young and I spent numerous hours trying to make incredible looking cupcakes. It took so much time and energy, I thought I have to create an easier way for parents to be able to walk in to a room with incredible looking cupcakes; even they are not professional pastry chefs! I could not find anything that was even close to what I was looking for, so I created Cupcake Cuties. The kits are so easy to use that kids can do it. Cupcake Cuties makes a great craft and activity for the classrooms and parties.”

2. Have you always been a cupcake enthusiast?

“From the time I was a child!! Now I look at regular cupcakes and see them as naked! Everything I look at makes me want to make a cupcake out of it- and dress it up! That is how the popcorn tub, cheeseburger, and ice cream cone came about!”

3. Christmas is right around the corner, what special Christmas treats do you have in store this year?

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4. What advice do you have for baking the “perfect” cupcake?

“Start with a really good recipe and of course decorate your cupcakes with Cupcake Cuties!!”

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