Stylish Glass Brick Walls to Decorate Modern Showers

To let the light enter into the shower without losing its intimacy, a glass brick is an excellent solution. And from the decorating side, its gridlines provide a very contemporary style to your bathroom, and the most interesting thing is that it’s very easy to install. Take a look on these stylish models of shower glass bricks. To bring a lot of brightness to the shower and not feel trapped, you can replace a traditional wall by a wall of glass bricks. This way, a part of the bathroom will still be separated from the shower to bring the intimacy of each side. If you have a large walk-in shower, you can define the space by using a glass brick wall that will separate the space visually without locking yourself in the shower; a very decorative solution. If your shower is placed between three walls, use the glass brick to let the light pass on the last wall. To keep on privacy, you can also use a dark colored brick that will look very stylish. To change from the simple glass walls, you can get a wall of glass bricks with decorative effects, and then choose a colorless mix of bricks with some bricks in a bright color to create a dynamic and joyful style. And finally, if you have the chance to create a shower cabinet that’s entirely made of glass bricks; this will be very original especially if you choose an unusual form like a round cabinet for example.

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