Stylish White Brick Wall Ideas

In the last few years, red brick walls became so trendy and highly valued in creating the “American loft” ambience. In addition to them, white brick walls began to take more attention in the world of interior decoration; it’s a kind of wall treatment that is able to bring a very stylish & contemporary look to any room in the house. Let’s see some examples where walls are decorated with white bricks to inspire you. In the kitchen, it’s a very good idea to cover the walls in bricks. It’s an excellent choice especially if you are about to redecorate your kitchen, so you can dress the old wall in bricks to get a totally new look in no time. White bricks in the kitchen can add an amazing ambience; they will match perfectly with any furniture colors but imagine it with black kitchen cabinets…the contrast between white bricks on the wall and glossy or even matt black furniture will create a very contemporary & elegant ambience.

In a minimalist living room decoration, a white brick wall can be a very nice addition; see in the picture how stylish it looks beside the silver brick wall and behind the very minimalist sofa in white leather. The room is decorated with some touches in black to complete the ultra-modern look. In the bedroom and even in the children’s room where you may never expect to cover the walls in bricks! It is possible too; in fact it can help you in creating a trendy retro ambience in the room especially if you marry it with wood furniture. In all other places in the house; the hallway, the bathroom or even the home office, white brick walls are perfect to decorate any of them. This kind of wall covering has the advantage to harmonize with almost all decorating styles from the classic to the most minimalist passing by the contemporary and the natural style.

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