Stylish Window Treatments from HGTV Rate My Space

Rate My Space is an HGTV community for people to show off their designs, and we present you here some of the stylish window treatments from Rate My Space to find the best for you according to your preference and needs. Handmade window treatments can be great when you have the talent; you can be creative and make them the way you want while adding your special touches. One of the amazing ideas offered by one of the participants is adding orange curtains. Orange is a very bright color that makes any room cheerful and vibrant especially if your furniture comes in plain or pale colors. Another amazing idea presented had a ceiling-to-floor window treatment added in a living room with a high ceiling which shows large drapes that add a lot of style to the room and make it very rich. Patterned curtains also look amazing, and are very stylish because they add life to the room and make an eye catching style instead of just adding plain curtains.

Shades are very soft window treatments that look perfect in simple rooms when you want to cover your windows without adding much detail, a simple shade does the job perfectly and keeps things soft and chic at the same time. White is a really great and soft color to choose for your bedroom’s window treatment especially if you want to maintain a relaxing ambiance. Adding white shutters and white sheer on top give a soft and trendy look. In small rooms, if you have lots of stuff that you want to store, you can make an area for storage including a chest of drawers, and shelves to give you many storage spaces, and then you can use a window treatment to hide this area and give the room a decorative look while keeping it neat and unmessy. Striped window treatments look awesome too; they give the room a great style.

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