Suspended Toilet Designs for an Original Bathroom Style

Toilets are now considered as decorative pieces that complete the bathroom look. For a contemporary bathroom style, those original suspended toilets will bring a unique & fashionable look while matching easily with any modern decoration. To add a very refined atmosphere to the bathroom, choose a suspended toilet in rounded lines that evoke the flower shape. For colors, green reinforces the spirit of nature for a pretty & very original look. For an exotic ambiance, choose a suspended toilet design that harmonizes with exotic materials like stone and wood. You can choose a white model with rounded lines to highlight the look of raw materials. If you like the minimalist style, go for a suspended toilet in a simple design & very geometric lines; a sharp rectangular toilet for example will look perfect in a minimalist decorating style. And for fans of pop style, the rounded suspended toilets are an excellent choice. They give a lively ambiance & look very attractive. For this style, try to refresh the bathroom with some dynamic colors like a red wall behind the white sanitary for example.

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