Swimming Pool Ceramics: Architecturally Inspired Pools by Craig Bragdy

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When a water feature literally mirrors the structure of the home which it complements, the sight can be stunning, indeed; such is the nature of some of these “architecturally inspired” pool designs by the Welsh mosaic artists at Craig Bragdy Design. A long rectangular contemporary home, low-slung and compact in its landscape, already seems to float in the air; the flow of the pattern in its accompanying pool completes the lift-off process in dazzling style. A stylized chambered-nautilus curve pattern fits right in with contemporary art and sculpture on another’s deck, blending the pool into the art “collection” in shimmering shades of blue, white, turquoise, and lime green. In another spot, three ceramic art pieces on the wall are echoed in broad stripes down the length of the pool beneath them.

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If it’s on the floor of the house, it might be on the floor of your pool, too: lavish leaves and “water lilies” hint of pearl pink among the pale blues and greens on one site. Another “gilds the lily” with gold tile steps as a companion to a gold handrail; small shells that grace the stairway are just a hint of the grand shell pattern in the main pool. Arches, cubes, columns, and other fun “building” material show up, playing off building detail in colors from dark blue to brown, gold, bronze, and purple. And don’t look now, but three Oriental rugs are lying on the bottom of the pool — or are they? Nope, not really — just amazing copies. Whimsical, colorful, playful, and creative: that’s the mosaic work of architecturally-inspired pool décor from Craig Bragdy.

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