Terraced Garden and Spa with Terrific Views: Keilor by OFTB

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Slightly northwest of the center of Melbourne is Keilor, the site of this amazing yard with multiple water features and fascinating levels from OFTB Landscape Architecture. Actually, it’s hard to decide which is more stunning: the views from the yard (take a look at the sightlines off the terraced lawn and deck) or the view in the yard/outdoor living area itself, with its oversized spa, sleek curved wood decking, and other luxurious details. That spa, large enough for company, extends a welcome both day and night; its cooling waters complement the bright sunshine, while its beamed shelter helps keep away too much heat. Visually, you’re also “cooled off” by the neat green lawn next to it, a spot that can double for sunbathing or play.

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Beside and around the central spa, terraced concrete planting beds highlight the many levels of entertaining and fun space here. Espaliered trees soften the lines of a white privacy wall, while sun-tolerant plantings dot pebbled beds. Various flights of steps connect these intertwined levels, but the most striking of all is a side stairway that ambles beside and below the raised spa and beds…and features broad concrete “stepping stones” over shining tile and water. Among the super-pampering touches here are an automatic sun awning, a kids’ sports terrace, and a no-care synthetic lawn, but no doubt the lucky owners enjoy that moment best when they sink into that oversized spa, take in the twinkling lights of the view below, and let the day’s concerns float away on soothing bubbles.

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