A Texas-Size Contemporary Luxury Home: Hill Country 1 by Geschke Group

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Texas hill country is home to great fields of wildflowers, rolling countryside and bluffs, and terrific views — and this home is positioned in those gentle knolls to afford its lucky owners maximum enjoyment of the panorama around it, courtesy of skilled design from the Austin architects of Geschke Group. Situated atop a bluff, this house exudes a “grounded” and substantial feeling, while at the same time evoking a lightness with its Frank Lloyd Wright-inspired horizontal lines. You get the feeling a lot of “living” goes on in the rooms, both indoors and out — and the outdoor living area is almost indistinguishable from the interior. By contrast with many contemporary interiors, here the furniture isn’t sleek, modern, or minimal: chairs are solid, wide, and sturdy, made from natural materials and soft fabrics.

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Proceed to the kitchen and you’ll find a cook’s dream. Two solid walls of cabinetry provide abundant storage; a handy work island has chairs ready for eat-in convenience and a sink for quick food prep. The double sink, nestled in the midst of granite, has a high arched faucet with elbow room for cleanups, and the double stove/oven is ample to serve up dishes for a crowd. Polished woodwork gives the house a warm, classic feel; the spa, pool, and outdoor barbecue area give it just the right contemporary touches. Of course, there’s plenty of room here for entertaining as well, with a separate lounge area in addition to the alfresco dining nook. Natives of Texas are fond of boasting that everything’s bigger there; that certainly holds true in the amenities of this elegant house, with its limitless grasp of land and sky.

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