Textbook Contemporary: Eco Apartment by Grosu Art Studio

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The approach is sleek, smooth, and contemporary; the palette is largely browns, smoky gray-blue, and, of course, the pure white of contemporary style, along with a touch of greenery that lends a soft air to this Eco apartment by Bucharest architects Grosu Art Studio. Lighting is subtle and indirect, with sources largely hidden in ceilings and behind architectural features; tiny bonsai trees on a white kitchen cabinet appear to be thriving just fine under its illumination. That streamlined kitchen is minimalism at its uncluttered best: almost every appliance is hidden behind wood grain paneling, and what is apparent is recessed skillfully so there’s an unbroken line. The attitude is welcoming and casual, as seen in an artlessly unmade bed in the master bedroom. There’s more “art” to that artlessness than might first be apparent, though.

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This palette is unobtrusive so that bright contemporary pieces — and a vase of poppies — can warm the rooms immediately. Indeed, most of the true “color” in this décor is red; it’s a just-enough touch in the paintings showcased on the walls. In the private spaces, however, you are surrounded by wood and clean white lines: witness the wood-and-white of a soaking tub, the rectangular sinks and other fixtures, the mere whispers of chrome and black towel warming rack. But while this Eco apartment is smooth and uber-functional, it’s not without its soft touches: the subtle gray seating area is plush and expansive, and rugs are thick underfoot. With natural light to soften its straight lines during the day and up-lighting by night, it’s a pleasant escape from the madding crowds — with style.

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