The 2013 Versace Fashion Jewelry Collection for Women


Jewelry is an essential addition to any outfit; whether casual or dressy. It is considered a simple and elegant way to add flare and sparkle to any outfit. Check out this year’s collection of fashion jewelry by Versace, which is available in a delightful range of differing designs. You have so many options where these pieces are concerned as you can use them as the star or main statement of your outfit, or add them to more subtly accentuate any look you’re going for. Let’s begin with the statement fashion jewelry available in this year’s collection at Versace; a black leather metallic bracelet that features a silver buckle closure and lovely gold and silver chain fringe details, a thick chunky gold double strand necklace which is distinctive because of the classy medusa charms, a green Memphis colored oversize oval ring that will offer a unique and exclusive look to any outfit you choose to pair this ring with, and also a wide, gold, thick cuff that has the Versace name engraved on it.


Moreover, some other great jewelry pieces available include a gold mixed-charm bracelet which will match any style of clothing – both casual and dressy; a simple gold charm necklace that is short and similar to the style of a collar necklace, a pair of crystal embellished drop earrings, some gold hoop earrings that are characterized by the Versace’s famous motif, a very thin and simple gold chain necklace that simply features a gold rectangle hardware detail with the Versace logo engraved on it, and also a silver medusa bracelet that has one medusa charm. Finally, one of the most unique jewelry pieces available in the collection, and that is truly exquisite, is the Versace gold metallic cuff bracelet that has leather trim and medusa details. With this outstanding choice of Versace fashion jewelry, you’ll have no problems finding something to make all your friends envious!















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