The Amazing Retreat W Hotel, Koh Samui – Thailand

Clear off your mind, and forget anything about work or its stress. It’s time to take a vacation and relax away from everything. W Hotel in Koh Samui, which is located in Thailand, is definitely the perfect retreat to go when you really want to relax and have some quality time. The place is unbelievably amazing, and as soon as you check its pictures, you’ll make sure that it’s the place you want to go. The hotel is so romantic and cheerful; nature is all around you. The first eye catching unique thing that you will find is the round lounge area placed inside a magnificent pool, I don’t think there’s anything that can be more relaxing than spending some time inside one of those; even the colors are bright and cheerful. Everything is made of wood, whether in the rooms or in the different parts of the hotel itself. Rooms are beautifully designed, and cheerful touches of colors are found making the whole design very decorative. Bathrooms are amazing, and you can see a bathtub placed overlooking a pool which is great and relieving. A great service presented at this Hotel is called “Whatever, Whenever” and this service is based on getting any customer whatever he needs whenever he needs it. W hotel also offers programs for your pets so that they can enjoy too! This is a place that will definitely revive your heart and will be unforgettable.

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