The Extraordinary Lily Beach Resort & Spa, Maldives

What a view! This is something definitely extraordinary. Lily Beach resort and spa is a truly amazing place found in Maldives; words can never explain how luxurious the place is. Your eyes have to see this amazing scene that is not something you go through every day. The splendid colors of the ocean and the location of this resort make it one of the best places to go and spend the best vacation or maybe the best honeymoon ever. It is a 5 star resort where you can find anything you want or ever think of. The design of the resort is innovative and gives everyone his privacy while enjoying everything. The whole resort is surrounded by beaches, and you can choose between suites and villas according to your preference. Villas can be lagoon villas, beach villas, or villas for families. This is literally the best place to go and forget about anything in the whole world; a lot of people also recommended this place as the best for honeymoons. Wood is mainly used everywhere in this resort to complement the feeling of nature.

Each suite or villa has its own private area which is really important and makes the trip unforgettable ever. You can see private pools, chaise lounges, and many trees. There’s no way that you wouldn’t enjoy staying there. The inside of the room shows a canopy bed that is totally made of wood and a white canopy curtain is used to complete the romantic ambiance. All bedrooms are very luxurious and comforting; everything is made of wood, and furnishing and bedding come in white color, which gives a smooth look with wood. Innovative plants and lighting are also found; every little detail completes the beauty of the room. You can enjoy the best massage, or have the most romantic dinner ever while overlooking the marvelous view; these are things that you will never forget. Even bathrooms are luxurious, whether the sinks or the tubs. A beautiful bathtub is placed near the balcony so that you can enjoy staying in it while watching the view. Of course, there’s no better atmosphere to enjoy a hammock more than the Lily Beach, relaxing on a hammock over there for some time is enough to relieve any stress!

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