The Extremely Fancy Shangri La’s Villingili Resort & Spa

Wow! This is truly the first thing that would come to your mind the moment you see pictures of this resort & spa. Shangri La’s Villingili resort is one of the extremely fancy resorts found on an atoll in Maldives. The resort is on an island that’s totally surrounded by lagoons; the overview of the resort is breathtaking and will ensure that all your stress will go away. Villingili resort includes various types of villas like beach villas that are placed on the amazing white sand just some steps away from the water, or water villas that are placed inside the water and are considered the best, or the ocean view villas. All of them are just amazing, and you will feel like you are in paradise, once you go there, you won’t want to leave ever. Villas are distributed throughout the whole resort, and you can choose the view you like and the ones you can afford because they come with different prices. Coconut palms surround the whole area and make it really unique, even their view is relieving. Some of the villas have their private pools where you can totally relax in your own private area. Villas also include a table and chairs on a deck where you can sit and enjoy the splendid view and the breeze of fresh air while having your favorite drink, what could be better?

Villas are made of wood panels and are covered with thatch which goes very well with the surroundings. Chaise lounges are also available for a relaxed time by the pool of your own villa; very intimate and amazing, and some chaise lounges are even placed inside the pools for maximum comfort. The rooms are amazingly furnished with fancy designs and cheerful colors, and glass enclosures are used so that you can enjoy the full view of the ocean even while staying inside your room on your bed. Bedding comes in lovely colors to reflect a nice ambiance, and furniture is all luxurious. You can see beautiful bathtubs where you can just sit and relax all while still enjoying the view of the beach from an open balcony beside the bathtub. Romantic lights are found everywhere at night when it gets dark making the total place so romantic. The staff is very welcoming, and the food is amazing. Restaurants are also fancy, and you can have the best meal ever while overlooking the view of the ocean. Also, one of the amazing things found is that the decks of the water villas have hammocks attached to them so that you can really relax on one of them while having the water just beneath you; some cushions are also added to give more comfort. Everything about this place is just amazing, and you will never regret it.

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