The Isolated Resort & Spa Six Senses Zighy Bay

Zighy Bay is located in Oman; two hours from Dubai. Six senses is one of the best resorts & spas found in Zighy Bay, and what really makes this place special is that it is considered an isolated resort which gives you a lot of privacy while staying there and thus lets you enjoy the best vacation ever, especially if it’s a honeymoon. The whole place offers a lot of relaxation, and the splendid view of the beach relieves stress. Everything is natural in this place where wood, plants, and rock cover the whole resort. Bedrooms are totally made of wood in a romantic style, and candle lamps are used to complement this romantic ambiance. White bedding and white walls look perfect with wood, and parquet flooring reflects a chic style. The bathroom is also made of wood and even the mirror frames are made of tree stems that form a rectangular frame that surrounds the mirror; very natural. A bathtub is located so that the view of the beach can be seen; this is very relaxing, and the area where the bathtub is located is surrounded by wooden windows. You can enjoy the sun and the marvelous view of the beach while sitting on one of the chaise lounges, and a nice juice can make the total atmosphere perfect. Palm trees are available everywhere, and the resort also overlooks mountains giving an amazing view beside the beach. Some sofas are also placed for a nice gathering with friends or family members in the fresh breeze. Other sofas are present on the sand so that you can sit comfortably and relax in front of the sea. Some of the villas have an outdoor bed in the upper level which is really perfect and so private.

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