The Luxurious Capella Ixtapa Resort & Spa, Mexico

Mexico has always been one of the best places that you can visit. It has its own spirit that is totally different from many other places. If you are heading to Mexico and you are wondering about the best places to stay in there, then Capella Ixtapa resort & spa is one of the best hotels that you can stay in. Capella Ixtapa is a five star hotel located in Ixtapa; it has the view of the beach and is full of the Mexican style that you will definitely enjoy. Capella Ixtapa is a romantic retreat that will give you maximum relaxation. The view of the beach is amazing, and you can enjoy sitting on the comfortable chaise lounges to enjoy the amazing view and the warm breeze. The whole hotel and its suites are made of wood, and you can see food and thatch everywhere which is really amazing and complements the natural style. Suites are luxurious and are furnished with the best designs. Thatch covers all ceiling, and all pieces of furniture are made of wood which reflects a cozy ambiance. Each suite has its private pool, and LCD. You will also find dining sets that overlook the beach, so that you can enjoy a nice dinner in this amazing atmosphere. Plants and gardens are also widely spread in the hotel, even in the suites to give a nice decorative touch. One of the amazing decorative touches is the presence of colored flowers that give a splendid nice touch to the place.

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