The Perfect Decorating Color for Each Room in the House

The harmony of colors in your interior decoration helps to improve your mood, and this rule is applicable to each room of the house in which you must choose the right decorating colors depending on the usage of this room. That’s why we should all know the influence of colors on the place to support the positive energies or to avoid the pressure that could be caused by a color in the wrong place. The entry of the house must be decorated by warm & convivial colors that make the person feel he’s welcome once he enters the house; cool pink, peach or golden are perfect shades to be used in this place. Also note that green color in the entrance decoration makes the guests feel that you are a generous person and you love receiving friends in your house. In the living room, the yellow color gives vitality to the place and makes everybody feel in a good mood because it fills the space with a cheerful atmosphere. Beige is always suitable for living rooms, but it is preferred to combine it with one or two other strong colors.

For the dining room, the orange color is excellent to make your guest feel comfortable and not shy, but you must know that orange and red are the kinds of colors that make people eat faster! Adding some green shades may limit the effect of the red color and make the room more tranquil and more comfortable. In the kitchen decoration, using blue color may not be suitable because this color is a relaxing one and you need speed in the kitchen to work faster, but blue may make preparing food go slower. Yellow is an excellent choice for the kitchen; it will increase efficiency without wasting any time plus adding to the space a luminous ambiance. A red bedroom may look exciting but red increases the insomnia and makes sleeping uncomfortable. However, indigo is the best choice for the bedroom decoration as it creates a natural sedation and helps in bringing a quite and serene atmosphere which makes you enjoy a relaxing & comfy sleeping. Turquoise is a great choice for the bathroom decoration because it feeds the human’s nervous system as well as increasing the comfortable feeling. You may also want to add dark green shades to get rid of toxins.

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