Toni & Guy Mascolo Hairstyles

Today, I’ve decided to break all the rules and instead of talking with you about one famous hairstylist, I’d talk about two!!. The hairstylists whom I’m going to talk about are the brothers Toni Mascolo & Guy Mascolo. Both of them aren’t less famous or creative than the other. Toni & Guy Mascolo have been known by their unique artistic vision, creativity and great talent. Toni & Guy Mascolo have built their own hairdressing empire which has many branches around the whole world. Toni & Guy haven’t limited the services provided by their salons on just cutting and styling the hair of the women as well as the men. So, they have extended their salons’ services to include many other things like; the hair coloring and hair care!. All of that have contributed in making Toni & Guy Mascolo as one, specifically pair of the most famous and the best reputable hairstylists in the whole world. Beside being famous and good reputable, Toni & Guy Mascolo have won many world wide awards, prizes and fellowships. Day by day, the empire that has been built by Toni & Guy Mascolo has become much and much bigger and that’s resulted into many things. One of those things is that many beginners and experts in the hairdressing world have been attracted to work under the shadow of Toni & Guy empire. Another thing is that many famous celebrities and super stars have been also attracted to get their hair styled by any working hand in the Toni & Guy empire. I think that’s enough talking about the career life of the two brothers and their famous empire, isn’t it?!. Let’s move on to see some of the creative, glamorous and spectacular hairstyles for both the men and women. So, ladies & gentle men, prepare yourselves to be wowed, amazed and maybe shocked by the chicness and glamour of those hairstyles. I’ll start with my gentle men!. Toni & Guy empire has presented many stylish and fashionable men haircuts and hairstyles like; the layered hairstyles, the choppy hairstyles, the shaggy hairstyles, the spiky hairstyles and the messy hairstyles. Of course, put beside those hairstyles the following hairstyles; the wavy hairstyles, the curly hairstyles, the straight hairstyles, the bowl cut hairstyles, the crew cut hairstyles and the undercut hairstyles. Those last mentioned hairstyles are not the only ones which have been presented by Toni & Guy empire for men.. There may be other thousands, but millions hairstyles presented just for men.. On the other hand, Toni & Guy empire has presented the most stunning, spectacular, fashionable, soft and sometimes wild & bold hairstyles for women.. Some of those spectacular hairstyles are; the straight hairstyles, the curly hairstyles, the wavy hairstyles, the choppy hairstyles, the shaggy hairstyles and the messy hairstyles. Put beside them the ponytails hairstyles, the braided hairstyles, the bob hairstyles, the under cut hairstyles and many other hairstyles.. All of those women hairstyles have bounced between the femininity and the wildness, but all of them have been stunning and spectacular. The versatility and diversity in all of the hairstyles made by the Toni & Guy empire have attracted many women and men to become followers, trackers and even clients!!. Nothing more can be said about the creative and talented hairstylists Toni & Guy Mascolo or their great and famous empire!!.. So, it’s my time to go and tell you “Good Byes & Enjoy!!”..

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