Top 10 Kitchen Designs by Candice Olson

Since she’s always been known for her creative and successful designs, Candice Olson is one of the favorite interior designers to many. Thus, we are bringing you here her top 10 kitchen designs that will inspire you a lot with great ideas that are both decorative and practical for different spaces and styles. A successful kitchen is always the one that gives you a design that makes you happy, while supplying you with practicality and functionality. Candice Olson guarantees you a kitchen that will satisfy all your needs, while making you happy and all of this doesn’t require a lot of money or complicated stuff. Utilizing the space of your kitchen in the right way is the most key that makes having a great kitchen successful. One of the kitchens has smart cabinetry that goes along the dimensions of the wall, built-in appliances are added to supply you with what’s necessary while saving you space, and a small and simple dining set in the kitchen is always great.

If you have a small kitchen, then according to Candice’s designs you must make it decorative to grab the attention of the eyes. Adding tiles of different designs will make the kitchen lively and eye catching, and bright colors like white and beige will make your kitchen spacious. Also if your kitchen room is beside your dining room, then opening the two spaces together will give you more space and make the kitchen seem better especially when added beside your dining table. This idea also makes transferring the food easy. Adding two chairs beside your countertop make this area perfect for having a quick meal or drinking tea. Making your kitchen visibly beautiful is really important, you can make eye catching flooring that matches with the color of your backsplash tiles and make your kitchen perfect all while adding all important appliances and cabinetry. A kitchen island is really important in any kitchen, but it is only efficient in case of medium to large spaces as it gives you a countertop to use, and also cabinets or drawers to store more kitchen stuff. Candice Olson makes sure that all her kitchens are decorative in everything; the choice of colors, the utilization of the available space, and, of course, practicality. So check out the kitchens and get inspired!

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