Top 5 Celebrity Braided Hairstyles of 2012

Our precious readers, can you tell us how many times you’ve said; “Oh, my god! This celebrity has worn a spectacular braid ‘do!”, or something like this, since 2012 has started till now?! I guess that the perfect answer should be uncountable times! That’s why we’ve decided to present to you a list of the top 5 braided hairstyles worn by some of the gorgeous stars in 2012. Ladies, are you excited? Yes? So let’s reveal our list right now!

1- Victoria Beckham
The sideswept classic braid worn by the superstar Victoria Beckham at a promotional event of her clothing lines in Hong Kong is the first hairdo on today’s list. Why have we picked it? Firstly, it has a very stylish and alluring, yet simple look that we all wish to have. Secondly, it’s sort of rare to see Mrs. Beckham wearing any sort of braided ‘dos. So how can we miss this opportunity?!

2- Jennifer Hudson
Okay, who hasn’t been charmed by the long braid with a curly pompadour worn by the singer Jennifer Hudson while performing at the Atlantis in honor of Sir Sidney Poitier?! I guess none! I, myself, consider this hairdo a piece of art! I know that there’s nothing odd about it, but the curly pompadour is enough for me to put it on the second rank on our list.

3- Nicole Richie
The third hairstyle on our top 5 list is the braided top knot worn by Nicole Richie while attending the 9th Annual Style Awards during the spring 2013 Mercedes-Benz fashion week. Although it was so simple, it had so stylish, spectacular, glamorous, elegant,,, . Briefly, I love this braided top knot!

4- Charlize Theron
The braided updo worn by the stunning actress Charlize Theron at the 17th Annual Critics’ Choice Movie Awards is the one that occupies the fourth rank on our top 5 list. This updo started with braided strands at one side of the head and ended at the back with more than one braid interfering together in a complex, creative and eye catching way. Can you imagine how much gorgeous and elegant it is?!

5- Alicia Keys
The super-voluminous braided updo worn by the singer Alicia Keys at the 2012 BillBoard Music Awards is the one that occupies the fifth and last rank on our list. Its extra volume made it look extra hot and chic!!

Now, I can tell you goodbyes, my precious readers, and see you in the next top X list! Just don’t forget to pull off any of the last mentioned ‘dos, try it and catch all eyes with your ultra-chic look!