Top 5 Viral Cakes on the Web and Where to Find Them

I am sure that just like me, when you sign in to Facebook and see the most scrumptious cake you have ever seen flash across the screen, you automatically want to know where to purchase it. Today I am writing an article for the most particular cake lovers in the world who have an eye for awesome cake design, and moist, tasty features. Some of the most popular ’viral cakes‘ on the Internet today are from one single famous Ireland-based bakery, Cakes by Magic. Join me as I review their top cakes that have earned legendary status from Internet users.

1. The M&M Cake

If you are a regular user of Facebook I wonder if you have seen the ever-so-popular M&M cake, featuring a packet of M&Ms spilled down the side of the cake? This creative charmer of a cake went around the world in a matter of days earning the Cakes by Magic Facebook page thousands of new fans as people were determined to find out who made it.

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2. Ambulance Cake

This retirement cake earned admirers around the world, and so many inquiries about how the cake was made. Cakes by Magic shared a few secrets about the making of the cake on their Facebook page.

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3. The Racer Helmet Cake

This cake looks so close to the real thing it is almost hard to tell the difference between the two at first glance. This cake gave us the opportunity to see how many guys love a great cake too.

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4. The Sewing Machine Cake

What more can be said about a piece of art? I have never seen a more realistic recreation of an object in the form of cake, aside from the other projects that Cakes by Magic have created.

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5. The Happily Ever After Castle

Saving the best for last, this enormous fairytale castle recreation is picture perfect. Who wouldn’t immediately press ‘like’ and ‘share’ buttons after seeing this wonderful wedding cake?

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Cakes by Magic is leaving an awesome digital footprint as one of the best bakeries in the world. It is no wonder that people from all over the world are requesting their services, and are willing to travel and spend good money for one of these magical cakes. Stay tuned for more fantasy-like cakes from Cakes by Magic on Stylish Eve.