Top Curtains and Window Treatment Ideas

To enhance your interior decoration, nothing’s like beautiful window treatments such as curtains; very useful to hide from prying eyes, protecting from the outside light and are available in almost all prices. Changing curtains is then a clever idea to have a new look in any room at a lower cost. Know that the possibilities in curtains are almost endless between custom draperies and curtains ready to hang. If ready to hang curtains offer fewer opportunities than the custom ones, they are still cheaper and allow you to change regularly your interior decoration according to your desires or according to the season for example.

You will find several materials of window treatments depending on the desired effect: light curtain materials like chiffon and voiles to lit in light or heavy materials for a blackout curtain which is an ideal window treatment for bedrooms to obscure the place for a comfy sleeping. Know that you can combine different materials together to change the look and usage depending on the times of the day; if you want, you can have a light curtain in chiffon for example hanged to cover a blackout one; the last one falls just before sleeping, while in the morning it is totally opened to give space to the chiffon curtain to dress delicately the window and let the delightful sunlight enter to refresh the bedroom.

About the curtain design and colors, everything is allowed on condition to respect the harmony of the room. Do not choose colors that don’t match with your walls. You can opt for a color of curtains in the same shades of the walls, or you can go for the contrary by choosing a pure color that is used in the decorative accessories of the room; for example, take the color of your sofa or even the one of the cushions and repeat it on the curtains, so this window treatment will highlight the room and give it a very decorative look. For a very trendy yet fresh ambience, choose bamboo curtains which are perfect to create a very natural & refreshing ambience while letting the light enter slightly into the room. The only disadvantage of bamboo curtains is that they are relatively expensive, except for the imitation versions which are available in reasonable prices.

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