Trendiest Interior Decoration Colors for Summer 2013

Colors are very important in interior decoration; they have the power to turn any room into a cheerful and lovely place. If you really love colors, then you have to make your house up to date with the latest color trends. The summer season is always the season for colors, and is an amazing chance to change the decoration of your house while letting colors in. In this post, we present you the trendiest colors for summer 2013 in interior designing; all of them will make your house stylish and cheerful. Among the trendiest colors for summer 2013 is yellow. Yellow has the power to make any room shine when you just add some yellow accents in the room yellow cushions or yellow flowers; they brighten the room and make it shiny like the sun. If you want something that looks softer and more relaxing, then lime green is your best option because it is the most comforting color to the eyes. A lime green wall lightens the room with a nice, colorful touch, and you can go for lime green furniture like adding a lime green chaise lounge or arm chair in the living room for a cheerful accent.

If you want a color other than lime green, but still want a soft color, then go for Robin’s egg blue. This is a very soft and pure color degree of blue; it looks great in interiors and adds a seaside atmosphere that is perfect in summer. Since blue and green match well together like nature, you can make a room that combines between lime green and Robin’s egg blue for an amazing look. Now away from soft colors, if you want to add a color accent that really makes an eye catching effect in your house, then coral is your best choice. Coral is a really unique color that is very intense and even the simplest accents of it make a huge different in any room. Adding a coral cushion, or maybe a coral lamp on the wall is enough to give the room a cheerful twist. While if you want a bigger effect, you can get coral sofas or arm chairs and match them with beige in your living room for a classy colorful style that is very suitable for the summer. Coral walls also look amazing, and have the power to lighten any room especially when matched with white to balance the color effect.

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