Trendy Wall Painting Colors for all Decorating Styles

With the endless color chart, painting now offers unlimited possibilities in terms of interior decoration; retro, natural, contemporary, Zen, pop or classic, whatever your mood is, you will find the painting color that satisfies you. Because it is above all a wall covering that’s quite simple to apply and easy to maintain; painting remains the first choice to decorate interior walls. Some paintings are even washable; however, avoid water-based paints in the kitchen or the bathroom. Another advantage of painting is the very wide range of colors available; you will find in any paints’ store an eclectic chart that allows you to imagine your home by playing on different shades. Painting is also easy to combine with different materials like wood, metal or modern materials. Know that wall painting has a big effect on the room ambience, it is necessary to choose the right painting color that matches with your interior decorating style and with the look you want to create in your room. So, we can say that every decorating style has the colors & shades that will enhance and highlight it.

Here are some quick painting ideas to help you for a chic yet modern ambience, white and beige are a safe choice for a decorative interior design. These colors allow you to highlight your furniture while plunging your interior space in a beautiful luminosity. A black tone can be associated with white & beige painting for an elegant style; but be careful to use the black sparingly to avoid giving a severe look to your decoration. For a springy interior decoration; if you want to add freshness to your room, go for paintings in shades of yellow to evoke the sun. In Pastel tones, it will bring a soothing look to your room and brighten it for a more cheerful atmosphere. If you want to create a fresh open sea ambience in your interior; then you will use the trendiest and most fashionable painting color for this year: blue of course. Use different shades of blue in the wall painting to bring the sweetness of the sea spirit into your home… also remember that pastel & very light blue tones are an ideal choice for the bedroom walls to give a soft & peaceful ambience.

To decorate your interior with a nice natural style; you will opt for the second painting color in trend this year: green! Green color that evokes nature, well-being and ecology provides a refreshing atmosphere in the room. And you can also associate it preferably with other colors, like chocolate or beige. The painting also gives you the opportunity to create original decorating ideas. Using special painting kinds like whiteboard paint, magnetic paint, chalkboard paint, and phosphorescent paint, these specific coatings allow you to unleash your imagination!

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