Trendy Window Treatments from HGTV Dream Homes

As well all know, HGTV website presents amazing dream homes every year; they present the full design of the home along with all details about its interiors, designing, outdoor space, and every details. We present you here chosen window treatments that have been presented in different HGTV dream homes; they will really inspire you. Adding a lot of drapes in your bedroom make it really luxurious and makes you feel as if you are living in a fancy palace. Try adding drapes in colors like white to balance the color effect in the room and make it bright. Printed curtains add an amazing decorative touch to the room, especially when you match their colors with your room for a stylish appeal, and long curtains that start just under the ceiling give an amazing, chic style to the wall. If you want a bold look, you can try adding lively curtains like this kids’ room that has red walls, and two-tones curtains where added to complete this colorful style and make the room lively which is really perfect for kids. Distributing drapes in your foyer is still one of the best ideas that you can do, never goes out of fashion and reflects a cozy and private atmosphere into the house. Curtains or drapes can be great to separate two spaces in one room, as well. You can add curtains in the middle of a certain space or room, and they will divide it into two separate, private sections that on opening the curtains become one again; this idea is really practical and useful especially in small spaces. Simple touches in your curtains can add a great effect. Adding a striped strip along with a plain curtain makes the look amazing, chic, and eye catching.

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