Truly Inspiring 182 Square Meter Stockholm Apartment

When true inspiration comes, nothing can stop it, and the results are sure to be amazing. This Stockholm apartment is of 182 square meters, and it is designed in a neat, inspiring way that you will definitely love. The basic, dominating color in the whole apartment is obviously white. This is really a neat touch that reflects a bright, soft ambiance throughout the place and also makes it so relieving and comfortable through the spaces found. The living room includes a white living set that matches greatly with the walls, and to give a colorful touch, some colored, printed pillows are thrown on the sofa. A very soft white rug is added, and a small, round wooden table is placed over it holding a flower vase. Another table is placed beside the sofa, as well. What really makes this space cozy is the presence of a unique fireplace beside the living set; it is put on a black countertop which reflects a chic contrast. The inspiration in this specific area has not finished yet. The look is complemented by an amazing stone wall that comes in grey tones, which really adds a highly decorative style, and also you can see some wood panels on the ceiling which is unconventional.

Parquet flooring is, of course, available to complete the perfection. A simple colored portrait and some colored decorative items are placed beside the stone wall to add some color to the place. The final look is really touching and makes you certain that you will enjoy spending time there, and there’s an LCD where you can enjoy watching your favorite shows or soap operas. Beside the living set, there’s an open kitchen which doesn’t occupy much space, but is well designed. It takes the form of an L-shape, and a black countertop is put for a color contrast, and it is decorated with fruits and candles. Facing the countertop, there’s a black refrigerator, and recessed shelving unit for storage. An amazing red backsplash is seen made of small, red ceramic tiles; this touch really adds color to the kitchen. The back of the kitchen, which is facing the living set, is used as a shelving unit where various decorative items are added like candles, cups, crystal items, etc. and these items come in different colors for an eye catchy style. In front of the kitchen, you can see a small dining set where you can a very nice dinner that can be really romantic thanks to the surrounding atmosphere.

Now, for some quiet time where you need to relax and enjoy reading a book, a small corridor ends with a corner where a comfortable chair, a lamp, a footrest ottoman, and a small table are places; perfect for reading! The small corridor is used as a small library that’s placed to the right where you can keep all your books in an organized way. The bedroom is very soft and perfect for sleeping, and the sloping ceiling adds much style to its look. You can see a white, double bed and a side table with a lamp. Shelving units are recessed into the walls for storage in a unique, decorative way. The bathroom is very artistic, and you can see a white, round Jacuzzi that is placed in a wooden black frame, and an LCD above it to enjoy watching while relaxing; very relieving and luxurious. The bathroom comes in black, white, and red; perfect color combination. You can see black walls, white appliances, and some red touches. You can see a beautiful, white modern double sink vanity with drawers to store all bathroom stuff. Two mirrors, two small, white rugs, and a towel hook complete the look. The toilet cover comes in red matching with a small, red rug, and red towels.

When it comes to the fresh air, nothing’s better than a balcony or terrace area where you can enjoy an outdoor feeling for a nice breeze. The terrace in this apartment is really reviving. Its walls are painted orange, whereas the flooring comes in black; the result is very chic. A black chair and black table are added along with some plants for decoration. Another small room includes a single bed and a chair for some relaxation or when you have someone sleeping over. The decorative side of this apartment is really charming; you can see colorful portraits and rugs everywhere to break the plain white effect in a nice way, and also the sloping ceiling adds a very decorative unique touch to the overall look of the apartment. Another noticeable thing is the presence of light spots almost everywhere; this helps to enlighten the whole apartment, and they add a nice touch to the look.

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