UGG Gloves and Mittens for Women

Many people suffer from having cold hands in winter which makes them in constant pain and hinders them from making lots of activities; and thus, wearing gloves or mittens is a must for them, also they are in general important in winter to keep every woman’s hands warm while also giving a stylish look. UGG is one of the best brands to provide high quality gloves and mittens that will ensure warm hands while giving you the greatest trend ever with colorful feminine gloves and mittens. Gloves differ from mittens in having separate spaces for fingers, while mittens cover the thumb separately and the rest of the fingers together, so you can choose which to get according to your preference and what you like to use more or maybe just get both for a change. UGG’s collection has varied gloves and mittens with different colors, styles and materials. Gloves offered by UGG can be also available as fingerless gloves for those who use their hands in the cold and gloves can’t make them have full control. Gloves can be made of knit, leather or shearling, they can have the inner layer made of sheepskin that can be exposed for a great winter appeal or a leather palm patch for a great style, more warmth and a better grip, and they can also have pile long shearling cuffs for extra style. Mittens also are available in different styles, they can be snowbyrd mittens, leather or knit mittens that can have exposed sheepskin, shearling, leather palm patch or a removable shearling armwarmer that provides extra warmth. Some mittens can have a belt at their cuffs for size adjustment for a better fitting, and they can have bailey buttons for UGG’s unique style. Colors are varied too, gloves and mittens are available in different colors for a wide range of choices to match with your clothes. White, black, chestnut and grey are among the available colors that you can choose from. All gloves and mittens are ensured to give you a great and unique style while at the same time keepng your hands extra warm.

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