Ultra Contemporary Outdoor Play Area: Fawkner Avenue By COS Design

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Pairing up with Aloha Pools, COS Design took on a grading nightmare in Melbourne when they accepted the Fawkner Avenue Project. According to COS Design, the uneven slopes of this beach house’s backyard required large piers to be put in place to ensure the evenness of the pool and decks. As a result, the owners of Fawkner Avenue have received an ultra contemporary outdoor play area.

Mosaic blue glass tiles in hues of Honaunau, Keahole Point, Kohala Sky, and Pauoa were strategically placed at the base of the pool and its surrounding areas to reflect the rays of the sun and create the dazzling cerulean blue before us.

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Adjacent to the hot tub area and its iridescent glass tiles is a shallow platform area that can be used for wet sunning. Planted mini palms are dispersed around the decking area to provide a jungle like troposphere to accompany the deep Queensland walnut toned rectilinear decking. The utility of the space is further enhanced by a shower area.

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An inventive addition to the usefulness of this alfresco expanse is the nested eating area. The application of decking as seats is marvelous without losing any of the recreational room.

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From an aerial view we are able to see just how impressive this backyard project is. The natural blend of materials and the existing lawn space make for a sensational style.

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Recessed accent lights are the perfect accession to turn this luxurious play space to a party after dark.