Ultra-Modern Home in Cape Town Lovingly Preserves Family Antiques

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This home at Kloof 151 is described by Antoni Associates this way: “Perched overlooking the famous Clifton Fourth Beach, this dramatic home has extensive glass capturing the expansive views. The interiors successfully combine new and old, where family antiques enhance the modern spaces.” In all truth, the term “dramatic” truly fits this contemporary space in Cape Town. An open-beamed wood overhang shields both floors from sunlight, allowing just enough to peek through; the ground-floor level is open to sun, sky, sea, pool — and entertaining. With the low-slung white semicircular couch and chairs fronting a circular modern table, as well as the long alfresco dining table with chairs on one side and bench on the other, there’s more than enough space to host a crowd.

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But appealing as the indoor/outdoor living aspect of this house is, that’s not its most endearing feature: that honor belongs to the clever way modern and antique rub shoulders. In one room, Windsor chairs and century-old statuary on pedestals mingle with plush neutral couches; next to a scoop-shaped modern loveseat, a three-drawer nightstand with curved traditional lines holds another statue. Modern abstract art brightens one room, while a gilt-framed landscape of bygone days holds court in another. The blend is like a happy family: the young and the old, the active and the contemplative, brought together in a warm, welcoming place on the sea. Whether it’s time for a quiet float in the infinity pool or a quiet session with a good book in a spacious armchair, this home at Kloof 151 handles it beautifully.

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