Umit Benan Fall/Winter 2012 Menswear Collection

“The Army & the War”, that’s been the storyboard of the fall / winter 2012 menswear collection that has been released by Umit Benan. In that collection, Benan has been far from his usual bohemian soft tailoring style and instead of that, those new presented items have been more masculine and grown up, yet elegant! In my opinion, that collection has caused a jump in the career life of Umit Benan.. Besides that, it’s very elegant! Man, it needs a closer look to be discovered, doesn’t it?! Anyway, let’s do it! The first thing that you’d notice about that collection is that Benan has relied on using a certain group of colors like; black, yellow, navy green, white and the different shades of gray. As you can see, all of those colors have been inspired from the military atmosphere! The second thing is that Benan has relied on using sort of strict and elegant fabrics like; alpaca, cashmere & leather besides cotton & nylon.. I think nothing is left except to reveal some of the items that the collection has included. So, let’s start doing so. What shall we wait for?! One of the masculine and elegant items that the collection has presented are; the double-breasted loden top coat which came with nylon sleeves. Besides the topcoat, the collection also presented flight jackets and belted utilitarian jackets which have been made from cashmere & alpaca together.. That’s besides the quilted tracksuit, woolen sweaters and sleeveless t-shirts. All of those last mentioned items have very masculine and strict, yet elegant & stylish looks.. So, if you find yourself keen on wearing that sort of items, your first reference would be Umit Benan fall / winter 2012 menswear collection!.. Don’t forget to enjoy your masculine & glamorous look!..

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