31 Unusual, Clever and Creative Uses for Balloons

I wonder if the person who invented the balloon thought it would ever have more than one use than as a form of decoration. It is a question you might not be able to answer, but have you ever done anything with a balloon other than blow it up, fill it with water, burst it, or all three? I suspect most of you would have said no, which is good news, because that is all about to change. At Stylish Eve we are always on the lookout for new and exciting ideas. However in our search we don’t like to miss out on some less obvious and simpler suggestions that can be just as effective. And the best thing of all is each of these ideas is something you can easily do yourself. Whether it is decorative, practical or fun, we’re sure to have an idea here that will make you think “That’s really cool.”

Once you begin to think more laterally, and ‘out the box’, some of the ideas we have come up with we are convinced will make your day through their ingenuity. How about a vase cover with a discreet opening for a few stems, or making recyclable ice bombs to keep a bucket of water cool for an outdoor bar-b-q? Then again you could use balloons to make a miniature drum kit, or you could be really clever and turn some balloons into lights with new LED bulbs which have opened up a whole new world of opportunities. In some of our past articles we have shown you how to make bowls, and here we have a new idea for you, colourfully covering the bases of mason jars. And yes, we did it deliberately; we’ve included the mother of all water bombs, just to take some of you back to your childhood.