Urban Kitchen Backsplash Decorating Style

The backsplash in the kitchen is a real trick to give a new look & different decorative style to the place. By changing only the space that lies between the worktop and cupboards you can fast transform the kitchen. Here are some inspirations to give your backsplash an urban style. What could be more iconic than New York to give a very urban look to the kitchen? The city extends along the entire length of the credenza with a beautiful black and white printing. You can also keep it simple by choosing a very simple surface like tile, but in a color reminiscent of the city. It could be textured and shiny gray tiles for example. There is now on the markets a multitude of credenza models in aluminum or stainless steel. You can opt for a plain style by choosing a mosaic of different subjects. The effect is very original. Digital printing is now applied on tiles. You can print the pattern of your choice on the tile and install it on the kitchen’s backsplash. Choose the view of buildings & get the urban effect. Besides the previous choices, there are also backsplashes customizable on demand. The panel is made of PVC surrounded by aluminum sheet to ensure long-term use. For an urban style, choose black and white buildings with a touch of red for example.

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