Vanessa Hudgens Hairstyles 2012

Wish to know how the stunning young star Vanessa Hudgens has worn her hair since the start of 2012 till the recent days?! If yes, i have to tell you that you’re absolutely welcomed! Did you understand what i mean? Okay, simply, with an indirect and sort of twisted way, I wanted to tell you that today’s topic is going to be all about the hairstyles worn by Vanessa this year. But at first, allow me to tell you some few hints about what happened to her hair since the year started. Concerning its lengths, the stunning star has begun the year wearing a long hair, then after a month or maybe more, she has cut it short! And after a period of time, she has been seen wearing a long hair again, but we don’t know whether that’s done by using the extensions or naturally by letting it grew! Whatever the reason is, I was so happy to see her long hair locks again. On the other hand, concerning her hair colors, you can say that she has been sort of diverse regarding that matter. I’m saying so because her hair has been seen on the dark black, ombre, purple dip dyed and blonde colors! Okay, those are the only hints that I wanted to say to put you in the picture with us.

Now, let’s start doing the real work, ladies. Like many female celebrities, the flowing locks or down dos have been of the most worn hairstyles by Hudgens this year. To be more specific, I need to tell that she has worn the different styles of the down dos starting from the shiny straight to stylish curly to the soft wavy ones. And all of them have given her so, so sexy and gorgeous look. Besides the flowing locks, she has been seen wearing the half up half down hairdos more than once. Among her quite different half updos, you can find a style of them which has had remarkable look. I know that you’re curious to know, so I’m going to describe it in a hurry. The upper part of her hair in that half updo has been knotted instead of ponytailed which made it look unique in somehow. The next hairdos that the ‘Spring Breakers’ starlet has worn this year are both of the high ponytails, and pigtails which have been mostly casual, carefree, but stylish and eye catching. Let me tell you that she has sported them with short or long hair!

When you take a glimpse at Hudgens’ lookbook of 2012, you can find out that she’s sported the side swept classic braids for a couple of times or maybe, more. You can also notice that they have had very casual, fashionable and eye catching look. Next to the braids, you can see that she has heavily sported the top knots. You can’t prevent yourself from saying; ‘top knot, top knot,,, yeah, another one!’. Maybe, they’re too many, but we can’t deny that she has looked gorgeous and stunning every time she’s worn them. Besides the top knots, she has charmed us with the so elegant and sexy, yet mature updos she’s worn while attending some occasions. Actually, I love these updos! By now, consider that you know all the hairdos worn by her while having a long or quite long hair, but what about her short one?! Before telling you how she’s styled her short hair, let me tell you what sort of cuts it has had. Simply, it has been nothing more than a chin length bobbed hair and she’s styled it in attractive and glamorous ways. Once, she has slicked it back and accented it with side parting which has given her super, super stunning look. While in other times, she has worn it straight or curly and also has got a sexy look.

Let’s revise the hairdos we’ve mentioned till now. We’ve said; top knots, updos, half updos, ponytails, pigtails, flowing locks and at last chin bob cut, right? Okay, I guess that there’s nothing left and these are all the hairstyles worn by Vanessa during 2012. But before the sad farewell, allow me to tell you a piece of advice. That advice is that if you decided to follow our beloved actress and singer by copycatting any of her hairstyles, you’d have to take into your considerations three important things which are; your hair nature, facial details and at last, your personal style. Whether you’re about to do so or not, I can’t tell you nothing more than we wish you a heartbreakingly glamorous, stylish and attractive look anywhere you go. So enjoy catching the eyes, ladies!

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