Versace Fall/Winter 2012 Menswear Collection

” What a fantastic collection?!”, that’s what I said to myself when I saw the fall / winter 2012 menswear collection released by Versace fashion house. The collection was full of life, humor, elegance and classiness! I don’t know how Donatella Versace has suit herself to create such a collection! Donatella Versace combined between the well-known glamour of Versace and the irony & military atmosphere to produce the fall / winter 2012 menswear collection.. Versace relied on using a diverse group of colors; from the dark ones to the bright ones.. Besides that, Versace chose the most elegant and you may say luxurious fabrics to use in creating those stunning fashion trends. For example, she used leather, fur and tweed fabrics. I’m taking you now away from the colors & fabrics she used in the items she presented, but just prepare yourself to get a huge amount of elegance & humor! One of the hits that Versace presented for the fall / winter 2012-13 seasons is the coats.. In Versace collection, you can see the luxurious leather coats which were grafted with fur at the collars, and the shearling coat which came in a very bright raspberry color. That’s besides the leather biker jackets which were full of golden studs, leather bomber jackets which came in fur collars and golden studs and denim jackets with fur collars & sleeves. Besides all of those last mentioned items, Versace presented quilted leather vests which were embroidered with golden studs. Versace presented various styles of suits which bounced between the strict elegant ones to the elegant, yet ironic ones! Concerning the ones which were emptied from the irony are the elegant velvet suits, Swarovski-embroided evening suits & power suits which came in contrasting pinstripes. On the other hand, she’s presented the slim cut suits which have come in bright colors like the bright tomato color.. Besides that the collection included on the ironic flower-print camouflage suits. That’s just it!, I’m done!! I know that there may be slightly more items than the ones I mentioned, that’s because I concentrated on the hits of the collection!! I think that we can’t expect such life & irony, yet elegance and classiness from none but Versace! In my opinion, Versace fall / winter 2012 menswear collection can be considered like the bomb of the season!!

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