Very Minimalist yet Very Decorative Wash Basin Designs

The wash basin is no more considered as just a necessary piece of sanitary, it is now a decorative item as well that has to be chosen carefully to match the bathroom’s style & decoration. If you are a fan of the minimalist style & the contemporary interior décor, we gathered to you in this post a very interesting collection composed of 10 of the trendiest minimalist wash basins in different models & different materials. Check them out! Although the wash basins in the pictures below are different in shapes & materials, you will find that they all have some common characteristics such as the clean lines, the very sleek forms, the sharp geometric shapes and the simple yet sophisticated details. All of these characteristics will seem familiar to the minimalist style fans as they represent the main features of this decorating style. We can see clearly the innovation in those wash basin designs, not just through the unusual shapes that sometimes tend to be more futuristic rather than minimalist like the one with very sleek sculptural form, but also through the materials rarely used in wash basins like glass, marble and polished concrete which will bring more originality and sophistication to the whole look. In addition to that, we can notice another innovative feature used in some of the models below; the lighting washbasins. Since the LED technology is used now in almost every item in the house, why wouldn’t it be present in the wash basin as well? Not very far from the bathtub with integrated light; the wash basin too has integrated LED system that allows to illuminate the place while creating a very original & unique atmosphere.

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