Very Small Apartment Design with Colorful Pop Decorating Style

we said before many times that small studios and tiny interiors are no longer a problem since we can design & decorate it in a smart way to benefit from each square meter in a practical yet decorative way. This tiny apartment we are about to see is a good example; with an attractive modern design although how small its space is, you feel it’s much larger and indeed it doesn’t lack anything of a comfortable house. Original and contemporary: that’s what we can describe this design by. This apartment is a mix between a hotel and a guest house. It consists of a sleeping corner inspired by coloring books, and a living room/kitchen with a really pop sofa inspired by the Bocca sofa of Salvador Dali, Bar Stools Koncord and coffee table LEGO in bold colors and funny shapes from Karim Rashid. And to entertain both the living and sleeping areas, there is the swiveling TV that rotates to 360° and a cozy reading corner close to the fireplace. The tiny kitchen has a design that completes this bold pop decoration with white cabinets highlighted by a shiny green wall and accessories and of course the colorful bar chairs in playful forms. However the kitchen is equipped by most of the necessaries like a small stove, small refrigerator, microwave and a couple of storage cabinets.

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