Very Stylish yet Very Practical Dressing Room Designs by Mobalpa

If you think that Mobalpa is still specialized in producing only kitchen & bathroom furniture, then you don’t know that Mobalpa has expanded its production line to present different storage systems for each room of the house. In this post, we are going to discover the most recent dressing room designs presented by Mobalpa, which are characterized by being so stylish and up-to-date, yet very practical and functional. If you are a fashionista who dreams to have a dressing like the ones of the stars, remember that you will be able to recreate this atmosphere in your home with a dressing room design from Mobalpa inspired by professionals’ wardrobes to give value to the clothes. You will be able to expose your expensive shoes in decorative boxes, and to put your pretty dresses & clothes on hangers. If your bedroom is large enough, you can create a dressing that takes the form of a large wardrobe with sliding doors that open onto a long space dedicated to storage. Once closed, the dressing is discreet. When you have a room dedicated to dressing, it is not always necessary to opt for a locker. You can then choose open furniture that lets your clothes appear in a decorative way. The bed can create a real separation between the bedroom and the dressing.

Behind the headboard, Mobalpa can create for you a real dressing with all the necessary storage for your clothes and also accessories—an original and very practical solution! In your bedroom, the dressing can also be installed along one of your walls. For this, Mobalpa offers dressing models with sliding doors that allow you to hide the dressing when you do not use it. Sometimes we have a large space in our bathrooms that is not used; it is quite practical in this case to combine the dressing with the bathroom. For this case, Mobalpa presents storage units made especially for the space you want with a sliding door that closes the dressing area of the bathroom space so that the clothes do not absorb moisture. To separate the dressing area from the bedroom, you can opt for a partition, or why not make a partition and another part with sliding doors for a very decorative look? And for those who love the clean look and like to have a functional but discrete dressing, Mobalpa has very creative designs made especially to make your dressing almost invisible, place the storage cabinets behind your bed using an entire wall section. The doors come in the same color of the wall so the dressing will disappear in favor of the wall, and the bed can delineate spaces. Mobalpa didn’t forget about our lovely kids! For kids to benefit from a dressing room, Mobalpa offers many models designed especially for kids’ rooms; these models play mainly on the fun side by choosing colorful doors that fit better into their world.

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