Victoria Beckham Hairstyles 2012

When you just hear someone says the name of the superstar Victoria Beckham, you can’t prevent yourself from saying secretly or loudly ‘heartbreakingly glamour, endless chicness and creativity’. I know that there’re some of you who may say; ‘For sure, I can prevent myself! Who said i can’t?!’. Whether you can or not isn’t what we came to talk about today, right? Of course, instead, we came to see together which hairstyles the fashion designer and former singer has worn since the beginnings of 2012 till the recent days. But like usual, I have an important thing to tell you before doing so. That thing is all of these hairstyles are long except one which is ‘X’. Yup, X! My precious readers, I’m not going to reveal it right now. If you want to know it, stay tuned with us and continue reading. Anyways, let’s leave that mysterious atmosphere and start seeing together how Vic has worn her hair this year. What’re you waiting for here? We’re not going to start here, but below!

She has showed her fans, followers and you may say the whole world how gorgeous, shiny and sexy her long hair is by wearing the down dos. Most of times or actually all the times, she has worn the wavy style and that’s based on what i saw during my search tour! Besides the down dos, she has stunned us by wearing the ponytails. To be honest with you, I have to tell you that they could be considered as the most heavily worn hairdos by her. Yup, I’m not exaggerating! Take a look at Victoria’s hair lookbook of this year and you’d find yourself naturally saying ‘Ponytail, ponytail, another one and yet another one,,,’. Oops, I forgot to tell you that all of her ponytails have been neither curly or wavy, but sleek straight! And of course, you can imagine what look she has got while wearing them, can’t you?! A definite and true astonishing, elegant and sexy look, isn’t it?! Also, the superstar has been seen more than once wearing the classic braids which have had attractive and stunning look despite being so simple!

I’m sure that there’re some of you who are waiting to hear or read the word ‘updos’, right? I know. Hence, I have to tell you the truth! Vic hasn’t opted this year for updo’ing her hair as much as she has opted for wearing a loose hair or tying it in a ponytail. But despite that, she has been seen once wearing a classy and elegant bun. Okay, those are the ways that the creative fashion designer has worn her long hair, but what about the X length hair?! Among Vic’s hair lookbook of 2012, you can definitely see a shoulder length bob cut which has had very stylish, awesome and sexy look. So you may say that she hasn’t gone so far from both of having a quite long hair and her admiration of the bob cuts! Since that I’ve revealed the big secret (just kidding!), there’s nothing more left for me to say than wishing you a fabulous and diva’s look like the gorgeous and glamorous Victoria Beckham and telling you goodbyes!!

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