Warm Cottage Decorating Ideas

The cottage decoration style brings a soft and warm feeling when the cold begins to numb our feet and hands … Wood and furs keep us warm when the grayness covers our interiors. If you want to give your “sweet home” a cocooning decor with a mountain cabin ambiance, here are some tips to help you. Raw wood or driftwood and stone are a must to bring your home a cozy natural look. Choose furniture in simple lines & rustic designs. Opt for light or aged wood furniture, use the stone in accessories and scattered touches throughout the house like a decorative slate clock for example. To warm the whole and bring the cocooning effect, opt for a blanket made of fake fur to decorate an old leather chair, and on the ground near the fireplace, place an animal’s skin. The colors will remain as natural as possible; taupe, beige and off-white will be quite appropriate for this style. To enhance these neutral colors, use more mountain motifs to enhance the total look. The red rustic lumberjack squares can beautifully decorate the cushion covers or curtains for example. Also the small prints and folkloric motifs such as deer, hearts, snowflakes, and trees often in red tones will bring the charm of the cottage decor. As for accessories, you can play on the same themes of the patterns used on your linens. Use small wooden hearts suspended as cabinet doors or curtain holder. The candles on the window sills can have deer shapes for example. You may even like to hang a deer head made of ceramic as a decorative item on the wall, or if you are against this you can decorate the wall by paintings for wild animals.

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