Water and Garden in a Small Space: the Weaver Residence by Huettl

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You don’t have to have land on a grand scale to have a “grand” yard area; this Weaver residence garden area, as done by Huettl Landscape Architecture, is proof of that. In fact, this isn’t the “back yard” of this property at all, but a small, rather narrow side yard, that’s graced with this gorgeous swimming pool and patio terraces of alternating concrete colors. Just look at that beautiful mosaic effect along the edges of the pool — equally striking in sun or shade, and in fact complementing the colors of the plantings that surround the water. Note the “clumping” bamboo that looks anything but “clumpy” — its gossamer leaves are as light as waves on a pond, in splendid contrast to purple-spiked water plants and swaying prairie grass. And, speaking of ponds…

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Even though this particular “pond” doesn’t have any waves, it does have copper waterspouts — a delightful addition that not only creates a relaxing ambience, but makes swimming even more fun. Grouped around this inviting water spot are all the comforts of good outdoor living: a compact portable fireplace; one seating area with pottery art accent; a second spot with alfresco table, chairs, and umbrellas for handy shade; and a wide deck flanked by tall native grasses that provide both privacy screening and subtle color. But there’s another surprise in this compact garden, too: a winding stone path leads to an additional patio — a tiny niche with its own water cascade— and a cedar-framed greenhouse at its end. It’s a splendid combination of outdoor “rooms” in compact space: the Weaver garden, as executed by Huettl Landscape Architecture.

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